When I close my eyes, more is seen.

Though the darkness of my eyelids shut the “world” away, deeper aspects of reality are illuminated.

As though by looking out a window I shut the curtain.

As though stepping onto my porch I shut the door.

On the precipice of observable space, I can see as far as the nearest horizon.

Grasping for further relief by climbing.

Climbing to conquer the limits of sight.

Achieving what was sought.

The Objective being an imagined space far beyond what is clear.

Yet striving brings me closer to more striving, and more Objective, and more.

While the view I seek is not revealed by observing distance.

It is by digging into the earth that the horizon is made transparent.

By crawling on my hands and knees is perspective sufficiently reached.

For eternity is behind eyelids, and the Objective is in the seeing.

Seeing that what is perceived as distant is close, and illumination is in the darkness.

In the quiet of the hole below horizons.

Deeper than our imagined space. Where we all are. Waiting.

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